Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Cushion Covers for the New Year

I've been off line for most of the holidays- Happy New Year all! At the start of every year, a curious sensation of nesting overwhelms me. Like a pregnant woman, I franticly clear closets, wash cupboards, and organize anything without a 'place' into large and small rubbermaid containers. I fill many garbage, blue and  Bissell (thrift store) bags. After the dust settles, err is swept up, I usually attack a project that has sat woefully neglected. This year, I finally recovered our living room foot stools with Ikea fabric purchased (and forgotten) last year.  
Both the chairs and stools I found for a great price at Decade to Decade, an exceptional Edmonton furniture consignment store. 

I then moved on to cutting and sewing cushions for our chairs and couch. Next step, scotch guard- if you have a more natural solution to stain prevention--- please let me know!! In all, I've spent less than five hours and $10 to bring fresh colour to our living area.

These chairs are part of a set from Quebec, they are solid maple but in need of a general sanding and re-staining (stay tuned for that project--- probably next year as I'm slowing down!). They were purchased at a pawn shop on 118 Ave now closed. Mat was persistent, watching the set go from $950 to $650 to $500, finally he negotiated it for $350 cash.  If you are looking for unique antiques for cheap(ish), try Stan's pawn shop on 118 Ave and west of 95 Street across from hookah bar and divine Ethiopian restaurant, Habesha.

Here's the couch I refinished a couple New Year's ago (check out the blog post here) purchased from the Bissell Centre Thrift Shop (89 Street and 118 Ave) for $50. In 2011, it finally has cushions to match.


Kevin Kossowan said...

I have an antique settee that I need to get to, one of these days. Today happens to be that day you refer to where I'm throwing stuff out and going through pantries and storage rooms - so it won't be today. Today's 'throw out' day.

An Avenue Homesteader said...

Feels good, don't it?!