Monday, January 24, 2011

Bread Making Workshop- Great Fun

Sunday's Bread Making Workshop was a great afternoon of stirring, kneading, measuring, patting, rolling, sprinkling and EATING.

Carbs. I love them. And at Bread Making 101, we made cinnamon twists, pizza, pitas, and a variety of loaves: white, seedy whole wheat, savory cheese and a myriad of other combinations inspired by the participants. 

FOR INSTRUCTIONS in PDF, check out the manual here

If you're sad you missed, there will be a couple more workshops before summer inspires less carbs and more orange juice on ice. March 27 and May 15 are coming up, so RSVP with cash to save your spot.

If you have a group of at least four and want to plan an additional date, let's talk. There is nothing I love more that watching pitas puff up in the oven, surrounded by others who share my amazement at the miracle!


RootAndTwig said...

Mmmm....I can almost smell those cinnamon twists through the computer screen. :)

Kevin Kossowan said...

The workshop's a great idea, kudos for taking the initiative.