Planting Calendar for Edmonton, Alberta 2012

I have included only those veggies I plan to grow this season- if you want me to add other veggies, please comment on this page!

I have made Sunday my planting day, but consider the plantings good for Sunday and the rest of the weeks (whatever is most convenient for your schedule)... of course, you're usually not going to have any trouble if you plant later. And if you have a way to 'hot house' your garden (I add a heavy clear plastic 'tent' for a greenhouse effect)- by all means plant earlier!

Colour Code:

Blue=   plant seeds indoors
Green= plant seeds/seedlings outside (first planting)
Red=    additional plantings

NOTE: see event description/location for clarification or notes

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Barb Galler-Smith said...

I can hardly wait to see what your calendar looks like. When will you start putting things into it?