Thursday, March 3, 2011

Salad a la Lady Bugs

After the market tonight, we had a treat. Along with the Leduc grown, heritage greens, our bag of salad from Green, Eggs and Ham included TWO lady bugs. In spite of the deep freeze outside, we spent the better part of a half hour tickling creatures that epitomize summer and nature's pest control. 

As far as my mid-winter, summer-like evening snack: exceptional. I saw beet greens, baby swiss chard, sorrel, a little dandelion. I tasted fennel and mustard- nice and spicy. With the greens I added grated carrot, 

hulled hemp seed (for some Omega 3 POP), parmesan cheese and cranberries. Salt, pepper and a drizzle of virgin olive oil was all the dressing this salad needed.  Who'd have thought salad and bugs could make my night?   

For the $6 price tag, I could make about 8 salads this size.  Compared to my usual evening snack of crackers and cheese (or nachos and salsa!), its not much more expensive. Besides, it includes a whole lot less fat, more flavour and is a pleasure to the eye. Thanks, Andreas, for the treat.

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John Schneider - Gold Forest Grains said...

What a nice 'extra' in your purchases! Hope you put them to work on your house plants cleaning up any unwanted plant critters. Pretty good looking salad too.