Thursday, March 10, 2011

Great Resources for your inner Foodie and Urban Farmer

While your best resources for urban farming are local farmers--- who, if you live in Edmonton, can be found tonight at the Alberta Avenue Farmer's Market--- one of the best print resources is Mother Earth News magazine. It's cheap to order (here), and comes compliments of Canada Post directly to your mailbox.

If you're interested in books on Urban Farming, check out Mother Earth News' book store for some great titles. Also exceptional is most of the materials put out by Storey Publishing. Go through their book lists here for great ideas and inspiration.

Also, for all the foodies out there, check out Spezzatino Magazine for some delectable food information and pictures. All subscription proceeds go to supporting the Healthy Food Bank (check out my blog post on squash here).

If you have more suggestions of resources, share them in the comments section below.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carrisa,

Just a heads up--on today's Dealfind you can purchase $60 worth of local, organic meat for $25 (bison, chicken, beef, pork)from D'Arcy's in St. Albert! Here's the link: