Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Black pots are hard to find

After at least five trips to the second hand store in the past couple weeks, I have yet to find a used pot for my solar oven. I had read that its possible to paint a stainless steel one black, but I made one last ditch effort. This time I headed to Winners where they often have reduced, one-off pots.

Hurray! I may have broke the budget (I was hoping to score one for $5, but settled for paying $30), but I now have a black pot- as required. If you're on the hunt too, the pot must have a good fitting lid and should be sized properly for the meals you'll be cooking. Also, make sure its made of a relatively thin material; something thick like cast iron requires a lot more energy to heat the pot then heat your food.

Tomorrow is rumoured to be mostly sunny and I plan to put my fancy new pot to work.

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Caitlin said...

i am glad that you found a pot- looking forward to hearing about the results! Another place to try next time you can't find something is You have to sign up but can send out a wanted email and chances are someone has what you need.