Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Square foot Garden Update

The square foot garden on my back cement pad is growing! Here are some pictures from July 12, 2009. In the case of most of the plants shown here, I purchased the seeds online from Salt Spring Seeds (

Colourful peas

red potato flowers

hungarian black peppers

There's an eggplant hidden in there somewhere.

Even corn!! This was an experiment and we'll see if we actually harvest anything...

kids harvesting snap peas

If' I'd realized how large potatoes would grow, I might have planted them in a different place rather then here shading the rest of the garden!

Here's our lettuce and carrot patch that must be weeded much more often than promised (thanks to the weedy back alley). I just harvested the first of many carrots, while I've already planted the spinach squares for a second time.

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