Friday, May 22, 2009

Square Foot Gardening- completed boxes

Squash will grow up along the fence. One squash plant can be planted per two squares--- if you have a trellis for the plants to grow vertically!

Even after seven nights of below 0 degrees AND plenty of snow (is it really almost June?) here peak out peas, spinach, lettuce and beets. The pea teepees are lilac boughs. Only concern with these is they may just sprout too!

Beans will grow on this trellis... at least that is the plan. Potatoes and corn also share this small row that fit along the path to our garage door.


R said...

Read your article in Ratcreek :)

I do squarefoot gardening - my parents did the traditional row gardening, which, after I read about square foot, I thought was nuts!

My veggies didn't grow as big as I had planned - and I think its because I didn't water enough. Apparently, in Alberta, the reason the rows are so far apart is because of the water and nutrient needs of the plants.

So, you may have to fertilize some, and will have to do lots of watering.

Looking forward to hearing how it goes.


An Avenue Homesteader said...

But it still has been worthwhile for you to continue?